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Raised Spa
  1. Once we have our permits we will call you and set a schedule for excavation.
  2. Excavation. We at Hydeco would like our customers to be present the day we dig your pool. After excavation we will take pictures and email them to you each time we are on your project. By doing this we stay in constant contact throughout the construction process. We at HydeCo feel that communication is key.
  3. Belly Steel- We use #4 - ½ steel in all our pools.
  4. Plumbing- All Schedule 40 PVC heat bent. No Flex tubing.
  5. We use Shot Crete to give a more consistant PSI throughout the shell of the pool. Minimum of 4000 Psi @ 28 days.


Waterfall Spa
Raised Spa
  1. Tile - At this phase we will level the pool for the third time.
  2. Stone work - Our Stone work is second to none. Quality as well as workmanship.
  3. Pool Decking- Everything from Broom finish to Decorative Concrete to Stone decking.
  4. Backfill and clean up - Clean up construction materials and final grading.
  5. Pre plaster inspection - Owners will be on site to inspect your project prior to plaster.


Waterfall Spa
Raised Spa
  1. Plaster
  2. Start up.
  3. Equipment
  4. Customers for life.
  5. We at Hydeco strive to do in your back yard what we would do in our own back yard. WE CUT NO CORNERS!
  6. And this is how we guaranty the structure of your pool for life.

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